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Committed to the Environment

Why Use a Professional Car Wash

Washing a car at home typically uses 3 times more water than a professional car wash. Polluted runoff soaks into the ground and travels down storm drains until it lands in a local watershed, such as a stream or lake, causing serious impact on our water quality, plants, fish and wildlife.

Our Commitment

Water Reclaim

Water Reclaim

We recapture all of the water used in each wash and treat it for reuse in the wash process. With this process, we are able to save hundreds of gallons of water a year.

Biodegradable Soap

Biodegradable Soap

We use quality Simoniz biodegradable soaps specifically formulated for automotive parts to reduce the negative impact on our waterways.

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Our VacuTech engineered vacuum equipment uses energy-efficient turbines that adjust to conserve power when not in use.



Removing solids from the water allows us to re-use the water in various cleaning applications such as prep guns and wheel washers.

Commit to Valet, and Commit to the Planet

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Valet Auto Wash stays ahead of evolving technology to continuously enhance our water reclaim technology and utilize sustainable practices to protect our environment.