Experience A New Kind of Car Wash

Valet Auto Wash is reinventing the standard car wash using innovative anti-collision technology, biodegradable soap, and water collection methods to increase speed and reduce environmental waste.

Services vary by location. Scroll down to explore the one-of-a-kind Valet Auto Wash Tunnel Process.

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Super emulsifying surfactant blend that breaks down stubborn road film and treats stubborn stuck on spots.

Citrus Foam

Concentrated foaming detergent that penetrates grease and tough stains to leave behind an outstanding shine with a fantastic lemon scent.

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

A combination of strong detergents and specially designed floor brushes angled to address small spaces and remove brake dust to brighten rims multiple times throughout the wash process.

Hot Wax

Hot Wax

Top-grade, Carnauba Wax removes surface oxidation to leave a high gloss shine that protects from environmental damage.

Spot Free Rinse

We take the water used to rinse your car and filter it to remove any minerals, leaving you with a dry, spot free, shiny car.

Clear Coat

Clear Coat

The natural clear coat has two layers, one with a pigment and one clear coat, to bring out the brilliance of your car’s color for a mirror-like finish.

High Pressure

High Pressure

We provide a professional and proper amount of water pressure to clean all areas of the exterior from every crevice of your car or truck.

Underbody Blast

Underbody Blast

Properly placed spray nozzles mounted on the floor flush the underside of your car to remove salt, sand and other contaminants. The rust inhibitor rinse combats future corrosion, forming a barrier between your car and the air.

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Stacked with the most advanced drying system keeping noise levels down and drying power maximized, 300 HP blowers provide the driest vehicle available.

Triple Foam

Triple Foam

Ultra-concentrated foam breaks down dirt and contains UV Protectant to keep your car bright against Ultraviolet Rays.

Tire Shine

Tire Shine

Restore dull or worn tires to the original black luster for a long-lasting shine.

Buff and shine

Buff & Shine

The final step in the wash process, a soft buffing cloth helps to catch any last water droplets and provides a final buff to bring out your vehicle’s ultimate shine.

Car Wash Services



Pre-Soak, Clear Coat, Spot-Free Rinse, High Pressure, & Heat Wave


All services from the Deluxe Wash plus: Wheel Cleaner, Underbody Blast, Triple Foam, & Tire Shine



All services from the Protection Wash plus: Citrus Foam, Hot Wax & The Buff and Shine



All services from the Ultimate Wash & the Brilliance Wax Tunnel
(Available at Lawrenceville, Princeton and Oxford Valley locations)


The Works

All services from the Brilliance Wash with Interior Valet Service
(Available at Lawrenceville and Princeton locations)

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