Unlimited Vacuums and Towels | Latest Equipment for a Cleaner Car
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Vacuums and Towels

The Latest Tech and Equipment for a Cleaner Car

Every car wash comes with free use of our vacuums and towels.

We are very selective when choosing our vacuum equipment because it is our goal to make sure each one of our customers is able to receive an exceptionally clean car. The vacuums we choose specialize in user experience, convenience, and innovation.

  1. Indoor and outdoor vacuums at select locations
  2. Vacuum stalls that avoid cramped conditions
  3. Free microfiber towels to use at all locations
  4. Trash cans available
  5. Bright LED-lit awnings to help see where to clean
  6. Vacuums are controlled by a computer to generate more suction based on the number of customers using the system to keep consistent vacuum pressure
Man vacuuming car

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