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Brilliance Wax Tunnel

Our Brilliance Wax Tunnel is a separate tunnel designed to give each vehicle a brilliant, long lasting shine.

The Brilliance Wax Tunnel uses unique buffing equipment to transform your car’s paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under changing light conditions with a rich, warm glow. This creates eye-popping, high-gloss results as good as a hand wax without all the hassle and time.

Silver car overhead
Buff and shine

Once the vehicle is finished receiving our top-of-the-line wash and exits our wash tunnel, our crew members hand dry any excess water from the tunnel with our trusted choice of soft, water wicking microfiber towels.

Our crew members then begin to manually apply our uniquely formulated silicone-based wax; making sure the wax is evenly distributed throughout the painted surface to achieve a consistent, all-over shine.

Triple Foam

The vehicle enters the Brilliance tunnel and our specially outfitted buffing material begins to gently work in the wax using a series of computer-controlled machines that profile the vehicle, leaving a glossy, mirror-like finish.

Tire Shine

Reaching the end of the tunnel, the vehicle’s wheels automatically receive tire dressing using a unique rotary brush system to apply the solution, delivering an instantly bright and long-lasting tire shine.

The Detail Shop

For a deep, long-lasting clean, visit The Detail Shop at our Princeton, NJ location. Choose from interior and exterior detailing packages to make your car look new again.

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