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Profiles of Car Wash Success: Valet Auto Wash

In 1912, a trolley barn was built on Lalor St. in Trenton, New Jersey. At that time, horse-drawn carriages (or the alternative: walking) were still very much the norm, as automobiles were a fledgling concept to the world.

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The Car Wash Experience Redefined

Good or bad every car wash can be described in a few short words. “Fast service.” “Modern equipment.” “Helpful employees. For Valet Car Wash’s latest location in Lawrenceville, NJ one word captures the essence of the site: huge.

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Newest Valet Auto Wash Lays Claim to Longest Carwash in the World

It’s being called the “longest car wash in the world,” and with a 245-foot tunnel there doesn’t seem to be one that surpasses it. The car wash is the newest Valet Auto Wash in Lawrenceville, NJ, the brainchild of owner Chris Vernon.

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Valet Auto Wash Named Most Valuable Carwasher 1995

For 28 years now, Professional Carwashing & Detailing (PC&D) has asked its readers annually to submit nominations for the title of Most Valuable Carwasher (MVC).

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The Car Wash That’s Part Europe, Part Disney

Businessman Chris Vernon thinks so, and to prove it he turned an old furniture warehouse just off Route 1 into one of the largest and most elaborate car washes in the area.

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Auto Valet aims to offer a high-tech, complete cleaning

“If you want us to do it, we will,” Vernon said about the customer service he and his staff provide. “When we started out 30 years ago with our Lalor Car Wash, we knew back then that one day, we wanted to build the world’s largest, and most high-tech car wash.”

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Trolley Barn

The Trolley Barn Auto Valet Wash

The Autovalet Car Wash is one of the nicest car washes you’ll ever visit and provides a pleasant waiting room with a nicely executed historical exhibit about the structure.

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Top 100

Valet Auto Wash in Top 100

Valet Auto Wash listed in top 100 largest US conveyor car wash chains, ranked by number of locations.

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